Bayer Head Admits COVID-19 Vaccine is Gene Therapy


Stefan Oelrich, head of Bayer’s prescribed drugs division, admitted on the World Well being Summit that the COVID-19 vaccine is gene remedy. He smugly acknowledged that the drug firms knew folks would reject the vaccine in the event that they knew it was in truth a gene-altering injectable. They lied to us for income because the vaccine definitely didn’t stop anybody from contracting or transmitting the virus.

“If we had surveyed two years in the past if folks had been keen to take gene or cell remedy and inject it into your physique we’d have most likely had a 95% refusal fee,” Oelrich admits whereas forgetting many took the “gene remedy” by pressure.

Twitter has already flagged retweets of this video as “misleading.” The conspiracy theorists who had been informed that they had no place in society had been proper as Large Pharma and governments worldwide used the general public as guinea pigs for the most important gene remedy research in historical past. We nonetheless have no idea the long-term well being implications however have seen a wide range of well being points and lingering unintended effects within the short-term. Revolutions have occurred over a lot much less.

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