Britain Head of Military Tells Troops Prepare for WWIII


Britain’s Navy Chief of the Normal Workers had simply taken that place and he has already advised the military they should put together for struggle in opposition to Russia in Europe. He has advised each soldier to arrange to struggle Russia in a possible World Battle Three. He has pledged to forge an Military that may beat Russia in battle and stated that we should now put together “to struggle in Europe as soon as once more.” He added on  his fourth day on the job: “There may be now a burning crucial to forge an Military able to combating alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”



It is a video interview of Zelensky’s adviser years upfront. This complete Ukrainian Battle was intentionally instigated. The West NEEDS struggle as a result of your complete monetary system is collapsing. All of the pensions promised have been worn out in Europe because of NEGATIVE rates of interest since 2014.

Zelensky is an actor. He’s enjoying his position on this Nice Reset which is to destroy Western civilization as we all know it in order that they get to create their One-World Authorities and the United Nations will then look like the GREAT PEACEMAKER. On February twentieth, 2022, VP Harris blurted out that Ukraine ought to be a part of NATO which was a direct violation of the Belgrade Settlement the place Ukraine, the third largest nuclear energy on the time, gave up its nuclear weapons and NATO promised to not invade as did Russia offered Ukraine was to stay NEUTRAL. Then 3 days later, Zelensky introduced that he would pursue nuclear weapons to defend in opposition to Russia. The following day, Putin invaded to guard the Donbas on February twenty fourth.

There are a variety of world leaders who’re beginning to get up and see that this whole Ukrainian Battle has been a hoax. This was deliberately created for the Nice Reset as a result of Europe NEEDS to default on all of the debt they’ll now not maintain. However that can wipe out all of the pensions and hundreds of thousands of individuals will probably be storming the parliaments. The one escape for these in authorities is to create a struggle to cover the collapse. Now even Pope Francis is beginning to see by means of this facade as he has advised a gaggle of European Jesuit information editors that “maybe in some way both provoked or not prevented,” and he cautioned in opposition to oversimplifying the battle.

Zelensky is a hateful, vindictive, and pathological liar and demonizes Russians each likelihood he will get.  The US has completely NO ability to even confirm the place all of the weapons go that they ship to Ukraine. There are experiences of overseas troopers who had volunteered to struggle for Ukraine after which left as a result of the weapons had been being stolen and offered on the black market and can as all the time, find yourself on the streets in America.

Zelensky is evil, and corrupt, and ran for workplace promising peace with Russia and ending corruption. Some experiences say he has already diverted as much as $850 million to hidden offshore accounts. He’ll struggle until the final Ukrainian dies after which fly off to dwell the billionaire’s life.



The very person who funded Zelensky is identical who one who purchased Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden demanded that Ukraine hearth the prosecutor investigating this corruption. Zelensky pathologically urges World Battle III throughout each one in every of his public appearances. Zelensky is clearly waging an data struggle selling pure propaganda.

Zelensky’s Davos Speech was unbelievable. He demanded that the US-led West implement a coverage of most preemptive sanctions on the false pretext of averting future wars. In accordance with Zelen sky, had the US-led West’s reduce off Russia utterly from the world financial system IN ADVANCE, this is able to in some way prevented struggle. He claimed that the sanction was NOT ENOUGH and cane TOO LATE. He desires the US-led West to now utterly reduce off from the world financial system not simply Russia, however regional safety calls for that the US-led West ought to unilaterally threaten different nations and impose most sanctions on all Russian allies BEFORE they’ll react.


I’ve movies captured from Ukrainian troopers displaying what they’re doing to captive Russian troopers. I cannot submit them as a result of they’re too horrible. They’re truly crucifying Russians driving nails by means of their limbs after which setting them on hearth alive. That is the hatred of Ukrainian neo-Nazis towards Russian and why the CIA protected the Ukrainian neo-Nazis as a result of they all the time hated Russians. They massacred Jews and Polish however NOT one Ukrainian was ever placed on trial at Nuremberg. That is now what we get for the failure to prosecute Nazis. The 72-year revolutionary cycle from the top of the Nuremberg Trial was 2018. Even this hatred has risen yet again and this time the US-led West is supporting the Nazis.



As I warned again in 2013, our pc had focused Ukraine because the place the place World Battle III would start. I warned that Ukraine ought to have been break up based on language. This space to the East was NEVER Ukrainian territory EVER in historical past. Khruschev grew up within the Donbas and he was accountable for rebuilding Kiev. When he turned the top of Russia, in 1954 he assigned Crimea to Kiev for administrative functions. The Duma later declared the unlawful and reversed that decree.

Traditionally, the East was ALWAYS a part of the Russian Empire BEFORE the USSR. This refusal to yield “one inch” to Russia which Zelensky has declared, is unsupported by historical past. That area is occupied by ethnic Russians which the Ukrainians will bloodbath. In Kyiv, they had been saying in 2014 that Crimea is Ukrainian or it is going to be depopulated.

The hatred of Russians who’ve lived there for hundreds of years is deeply rooted. The Ukrainians started their civil struggle in opposition to the Donbas and Russian-speaking Ukrainians instantly after overthrowing Yanukovich in 2014. They had been beating Russian-speaking Ukrainian in Odesa they usually fed to the Commerce Union Home. The Ukrainians then set the place on hearth and killed all of them burning them alive which the West turned a blind eye to as a result of in spite of everything, they had been evil Russians who clearly haven’t any proper to dwell on this earth.

Zelensky does his struggle propaganda all the time wearing a army t-shirt. He has executed nothing however promote world war III each likelihood he will get. His hatred of Russians is aware of no bounds and he’ll engulf your complete world in struggle all for what – territory? This man is so evil, that historical past will bear in mind him together with these of the identical mentality of sheer hatred and manipulations – Marx, Stalin, Hitler, and the checklist goes on. As for many who see just one dimension, there was widespread help for animal welfare in Nazi Germany (German: Tierschutz im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland). Consider it or not, Adolf Hitler and his prime officers took quite a lot of measures to make sure animals had been protected. That clearly stood in distinction with killing the Jews, and gypsies and the Ukrainian Nazis added Polish and Russians to the checklist that wanted to be ethnically cleansed. However in some way, Hitler protected the animals.

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