Did You Know that Russia is Still Losing the War in Ukraine?


There may be an previous “new” meme percolating over the web right now–Russia is dropping in Ukraine. Appears just like the Deep State speaking factors had been distributed. I observed that David Ignatius, writing opinion on the Washington Submit, and Pat Lang’s Lithuanian organ grinding monkey, TTG, are utilizing related descriptors. TTG writes:

What was to be a swift decapitation of the federal government in Kyiv failed. The Russian Military is bringing the more severe caricatures of the clumsily violent and merciless Pink Military to life.

Ignatius adopts a worldwide theme in proclaiming Putin’s failure:

On the matter of alliances, Putin’s desires of remaking the worldwide order appeared to crumble after his plan for a fast decapitation of Zelensky’s regime failed. Moderately than shattering NATO, Putin has galvanized it, drawing Sweden and Finland into the pact and placing new strain on Russia’s northern flank.

Bought it? The Russians are failing and crumbling and NATO is rising. Oh my!! The Russian Minister of Protection apparently didn’t get the memo and continues to report the regular progress of Russian forces crushing Ukrainian troops in western Donetsk. Listed below are the highlights from General Konashenkov’s latest briefing:

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Excessive-precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces have neutralized non permanent deployement level of the Proper Sector Nazi militia in Kamyshevakha, Zaporozhye Area. As much as 200 militants have been killed.

Excessive-precision weapons have hit positions of battalion of 81st Airmobile Brigade of AFU close to Dolina, Donetsk Individuals’s Republic. Greater than 60 personnel have been destroyed, in addition to 7 armoured automobiles and 1 ammunition depot.

As well as, high-precision weapons strike have destroyed ammunition depots for weapons provided by the US and European nations close to Belen’koye, Odessa Area.

To replenish the numerous losses in personnel and gear incurred by 66th and 72nd mechanized, 58th motorized infantry and tenth Mountain Assault Brigades of AFU working within the Soledar path, the pressured mobilization of residents of Artemovsk, Chasov Yar, Soledar, Dzerzhinsk and different close by settlements is below manner. Autos are seized from native residents to equip the formations.

4 platoons of Grad multiple-launch rocket programs, 13 artillery platoons of D-20 howitzers and 10 artillery platoons of D-30 weapons have been neutralized in Seversk, Serebryanka, Dronovka, Opytnoye, Krasnoye, Zvanovka, Ivano-Dar’evka, Paraskovievka and Ivangrad, Donetsk Individuals’s Republic.

Operational-tactical and military aviation, missile troops and artillery have neutralized 7 command posts, together with 81st Aero-mobile Brigade close to Kramatorsk, Donetsk Individuals’s Republic, sixtieth Infantry Brigade close to Kirovo, 128th Mountain Assault Brigade close to Vozdvizhevka, Zaporozhye Area, 5 ammunition depots in Vasyukovka, Velyka Novoselka, Donetsk Individuals’s Republic, Novoaleksandrovka, Zaporozhye area, Pokrovskoye, Dnepropetrovsk Area, 2 gas depots close to Soledar and Novgorodskoye, Donetsk Individuals’s Republic, in addition to 197 areas of AFU manpower and army gear focus.

If this was a Russian fabrication then it will be straightforward work for Ukraine, with the backing of CIA and MI6 officers accountable for Ukraine’s covert motion propaganda marketing campaign, to refute these claims. Ukraine has stated nothing. Aside from the regular stream of “sunny” reviews showing within the west declaring, with out concrete proof, that the Russians are fading, Ukrainian social media is mute in relation to tallying up Russian losses.

Polish intelligence officers apparently are seeing the truth. Their newest report on the scenario in Ukraine has been leaked, in line with a Russian telegram channel:

Based on the doc, a catastrophic scenario has developed within the formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The variety of irretrievable losses is greater than 300 individuals per day, and this determine is underestimated by the president’s workplace to cut back the probability of a public explosion and create panic amongst civilians and the army.

The Poles emphasize that the systematic strikes of the Russia Armed Forces on command posts and coaching facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have led to the dying of about 4,600 of probably the most skilled army personnel, together with senior officers, instructors and mercenaries over the previous three months.

The report famous that untrained formations are despatched to Donbass, the skilled stage of officers from the battalion commander and under is weak, the features of commanders within the troops are sometimes carried out by nationwide Battalion fighters.

Since Might of this yr, nearly all administration features within the planning and conduct of hostilities have been assumed by international advisers from the US, Nice Britain and Canada. On the identical time, the very fact of their presence at command posts is saved secret to be able to forestall the personnel of NATO army nations from being captured by the Russian Armed Forces.

On the identical time, the report notes that the American 155-mm M-777 howitzers delivered to Kiev are usually not all the time used for his or her supposed function. As a substitute of conducting counter-battery warfare, weapons are sometimes used to bombard cities.

The Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after accelerated coaching are unable to independently keep advanced air protection programs, due to this fact, international instructors from amongst mercenaries are sometimes in artillery positions.

If the Polish report is correct the Ukrainian military has suffered catastrophic losses and is struggling to exchange the skilled officers with competent personnel. As Common Konashenkov famous, Ukraine is now appearing desperately by “forcibly mobilizing” residents of the Donbas nonetheless below their management. This isn’t a recipe for fulfillment. Coerced civilians are usually not magically reworked into frontline tremendous troopers simply because Zelensky declares it so.

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