Dr. Peter Navarro Sues Pelosi and Her Unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee


Dr. Peter Navarro is suing Speaker Pelosi for the unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee she put in place to harass President Trump and those that help to the President. 

Yahoo news reported yesterday that Dr. Peter Navarro will sue the corrupt Speaker of the Home, Nancy Pelosi, for her unconstitutional Jan 6 committee and its actions right now.

Peter Navarro, a former trade adviser to then-President Donald Trump, introduced he would file a federal lawsuit Tuesday difficult a subpoena from the Home committee investigating the Capitol assault Jan. 6, 2021.

The panel subpoenaed him for testimony a couple of plan referred to as the “Inexperienced Bay Sweep” to delay certification of President Joe Biden’s victory within the 2020 election. Navarro described the plan in his guide “In Trump Time” because the “final, greatest probability to grab a stolen election from the Democrats’ jaws of deceit.”

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However Navarro, who’s representing himself within the lawsuit, referred to as the Inexperienced Bay Sweep technique authorized and constitutional below the 1887 Electoral Depend Act. He’s preventing the subpoena by arguing the committee is illegitimate and partisan.

And Navarro invoked govt privilege to maintain communications with the president confidential. He joined a handful of Republican members lawmakers defying the committee and greater than a dozen Trump aides and advisers who have filed lawsuits difficult committee subpoenas in courtroom.

“Every of the problems raised within the lawsuit – which took a number of months to arrange – are ripe for the judiciary to deal with; I discover it my obligation to boost these points now fairly than undergo the coercion of a kangaroo committee,” Navarro informed USA TODAY. “This case in the end is about whether or not partisans in Congress are free to weaponize their investigatory powers – I believe not – in addition to the essential function that govt privilege and testimonial immunity play in guaranteeing efficient presidential decision-making.”

Dr. Navarro shared the next on his web site:

On February 9, 2022, I acquired a subpoena through which I used to be “commanded to be and seem earlier than a Kangaroo Courtroom established by Nancy Pelosi, AKA the Choose Committee to Examine the January sixth Assault on america Capitol.”

Upon receipt of this subpoena, as a former senior White Home adviser to President Donald J. Trump clearly coated by testimonial immunity, I used to be confronted with a number of selections, together with: (1) respect President Trump’s invoking of govt privilege within the Committee’s investigation and fail to adjust to the subpoena; or (2) unilaterally waive President Trump’s Govt Privilege and my very own testimonial immunity by offering all the requested paperwork and testifying earlier than the Committee as commanded.

I selected Choice #1; and Pelosi’s Kangaroo Courtroom responded with a felony contempt of Congress, with the intent to imprison me and positive me.  On this go well with, I argue that the January sixth Committee is unconstitutional and illegal and its subpoenas are thereby unenforceable.

The actual fact of the matter right here is that if this Kangaroo Courtroom of a Committee is allowed to proceed in its current kind, it would proceed to make a mockery of due course of, the separation of powers, any legitimacy behind the ability of Congress to analyze, and thereby do nice harm to our Republic.

Please learn this case fastidiously and you will notice that it’s time for the U.S. Supreme Courtroom to weigh in on this complete situation.

They don’t seem to be coming for me.  They’re coming for Donald Trump.  I’m simply of their method.

Earlier this yr, Navarro shared that he wouldn’t adjust to the Jan 6 Committee lie.

Dr. Peter Navaro Tells Corrupt Pelosi COVID Committee He Will Not Comply with Subpoena Request

See the submitting beneath from Dr. Navarro’s web site.

Navarro v Pelosi Et Al 6-1-22 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

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