Imagine the Compliance – Microchips are Coming



The self-proclaimed elites have gathered in Switzerland on the World Financial Discussion board (WEF). One of many latest concepts is a microchip in capsule type. No, this isn’t a conspiracy principle. The president of Pfizer spoke publicly a few capsule that might dissolve within the abdomen and ship a right away sign to all storing your information that you just complied and took the capsule. “Think about the implications of that – the compliance!” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla daydreamed.

The WEF crowd has publicly shared their concepts to construct a complete surveillance system and microchip human beings to realize final management. “As soon as you may hack one thing, you can too engineer it,” Yuri Harari, Schwab’s prime mouthpiece, stated in 2018.

No main media outlet has known as out these dystopian plans for complete management, and any point out of the subject will outcome immediately ban from all social media platforms. Microchips are NOT a conspiracy principle; slightly, it’s a plan that they’re at the moment devising and can implement as soon as the chance presents itself. Don’t comply.

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