Kash Patel Drops Another Truth Bomb — WRECKS Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee and FALLEN STAR Witness Cassidy Hutchinson (VIDEO)


Kash Patel, the Former Chief of Workers to the Secretary of Protection, joined Hannity following the most recent episode of the Jan. 6 Committee present trials.

On Tuesday, Liz Cheney and the sham Jan. 6 committee introduced in Mark Meadows’ former staffer Cassidy Hutchinson as a “shock witness.”

Cassidy got here out and perjured herself for a number of hours on nationwide TV.

The junior Mark Meadows staffer was caught in a number of lies throughout her ridiculous testimony about President Trump preventing the Secret Service for management of “The Beast” on January sixth.

TRENDING: MORE LIES: Cassidy Hutchinson ALSO Lied about Handwritten Note in Testimony — And Liz Cheney KNEW IT WAS A FALSE because the Actual Author of the Note Testified It Was His!

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on Cassidy’s outright lies.

MORE LIES: Cassidy Hutchinson ALSO Lied about Handwritten Note in Testimony — And Liz Cheney KNEW IT WAS A FALSE because the Actual Author of the Note Testified It Was His!

Kash Patel was within the assembly with President Trump on January 4, 2021, when he requested for 20,000 Nationwide Guard troops for the upcoming protests and Congressional hearings.

The Democrats, Seargeant at Arms, and DC Mayor all turned down the additional safety on the nation’s Capitol that week.

That reality alone BLOWS APART the sham committee’s BS narrative.

Kash additionally advised the Hannity viewers that he has taken a number of journeys with the brokers who traveled with Trump that day and that they’re able to testify.

Kash Patel: I used to be within the Oval Workplace with the Secretary of Protection, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Workers, and the Chief of Workers of the President of the United the States, together with the forty fifth President. And we have been engaged on a really delicate operation completely unrelated to January 6, which is why it sticks into my thoughts. And the President, on his personal after that assembly a few totally different subject, mentioned, should you guys want as much as 20,000 Nationwide Guards women and men throughout the US for the upcoming days and any exercise associated to January 6, you will have my authorization as Commander in Chief to go ahead. That was the authorization, as you outlined, that the regulation required.

Sean Hannity:  And also you testified to all of this earlier than the January 6 Committee, as did Chris Miller, the Secretary of Protection on the time?

Kash Patel:  Sure, and as did anyone else that was in that room, as did Chairman Milley. And as you and I each know, Sean, this committee would have leaked info had Chairman Milley testified beneath oath that contradicted something that Chris Miller and I’ve each mentioned in your present and to this committee. And so since that leak has not occurred by the likes of Adam Schiff, you recognize that now we have been testifying honestly and something on the contrary is totally false. And the Capital police timeline backs it up that Mayor Bowser and the Sergeant in Arms declined the Division of Protection’s request and authorization of Nationwide Guard not solely on January 4, however on January 5 and within the morning of January 6. So they didn’t need us there for political optics.

Sean Hannity:  Now, one of many huge so known as bombshells to come back out of the listening to right now was that Donald Trump acquired indignant and demanded that the Secret Service drive him to the capital. And when Bobby Engel and one other agent, Tony, I’m unsure tips on how to pronounce else’s final title…

Kellyanne Conway:  ‘Ornato’

Sean Hannity:  Ornato the truth is, once they have been taking him, they mentioned, it’s greatest Sir, that we take you again to the White Home the place it’s safer. There’s stories by ABC, NBC, and now Fox Information confirming Kash that, the truth is, they’re prepared to testify beneath oath that what this witness right now, rumour witness right now testified to is totally false. Have you learnt these brokers.

Kash Patel:  I served with, each Bobby and Tony.  They’re profession Civil Service brokers. They’re former army. They embody what profession authorities officers needs to be. I might take their phrase over any phrase of this junior staffer who is totally, I consider, mendacity to the January 6 Committee for personal self achieve. Bobby and Tony acted appropriately. Each single time I traveled with the President, over 40 separate journeys with these two people. I might love to listen to them contradict this lie with the reality, however I’m a little bit totally different on this one. Bobby and Tony must proceed to serve America. We don’t must put them on full blast. In the event that they’re prepared to come back out and say that she lied, that needs to be ok for each the American folks and this committee, as a result of they’ve extra service to do than assist politicize this kangaroo courtroom.

By way of Hannity and The Storm Has Arrived.

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