Open Records Request for Emails Between Brad Raffensperger and Taiwan Immigrant Finally Received But Were 90% Redacted


Self-proclaimed man of integrity Brad Raffensperger doesn’t need People to know what he actually is aware of.  A request for emails between Raffensperger and a Taiwan immigrant was lastly returned however 90% of the paperwork have been redacted.  What’s actually happening?

Brad Raffensperger grew to become well-known for his actions in certifying the 2020 Election in Georgia for Joe Biden.  Regardless of unattainable outcomes that Raffensperger himself stated weren’t attainable the day after the 2020 Election, a number of days later Raffensperger licensed the election within the state for Joe Biden.

Raffensperger was supplied proof of tens of 1000’s of ballots counted within the state’s 2020 outcomes being invalid or fraudulent and he ignored the info and licensed the election for Bidey by 12,000 votes.

Auditor Bryan Geels Identified Nearly 100,000 Ballots in Georgia that Were Invalid – Raffensperger Blew It Off, Misrepresented the Data, and Certified the 2020 Election Anyways

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Then Raffensperger held a telephone name with President Trump with questions he by no means addressed.  By doing so he advised the President and the American folks to leap off a bridge – the President of the USA…

At present Raffensperger spoke in entrance of the unconstitutional kangaroo courtroom labeled the Jan 6 committee.  Raffensperger will not be harmless of election crimes, he’s a part of it however that isn’t why he was there.  He was there in an effort to accuse President Trump of wrongdoing for daring to counsel that the election leads to Georgia needs to be honest and clear.

Raffensperger doesn’t care what something thinks he’s in so deep.

At present it was additionally reported that copies of emails between Raffensperger and a Taiwan immigrant have been launched however the paperwork are 90% redacted.  The Georgia Record/CD Media made the request:

The Georgia File/CDMedia spent near $1,000 for open information requests within the state of Georgia, asking for communications between Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Jay Lin, a Taiwan immigrant who was a Johns Creeks metropolis councilman after which was appointed by Governor Brian Kemp to his transition group, after which the Georgia State Properties Fee, which has affect over the Savannah Port.

We’ve got proven circumstantial connections between Jay Lin and the Chinese Communist Party.

The outcomes of the open information request have been returned over six months later (resulting from Covid after all) and startlingly, the paperwork acquired are 90% utterly blacked out. There are tons of of pages within the 2700 web page PDF file acquired which can be utterly redacted.

What’s happening with Raffensperger?  Why is he hiding paperwork which can be legally to be supplied in open information requests?  Why would Raffensperger be working with the CCP?

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