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The rumors preserve flying that Putin has most cancers and has a most of three years to reside. The tales are claiming he’s ‘dropping his eyesight’ however all of that is unconfirmed coming studies in current weeks have recommended the 69-year-old president’s well being has been deteriorating shortly. A lot of this propaganda from Ukraine has been speaking a couple of coup and all types of stuff.

Our mannequin doesn’t present that Putin will run once more in 2024. That 12 months shall be monumental for the US presidential election is then as nicely and even Zelensky, the WEF’s puppet, will stand for election. Why individuals are placing out this propaganda that by some means if Putin dies, Russia could be vanquished is whole nonsense. The second tier behind Putin are way more nationalistic and will certainly use nuclear weapons whereas Putin is at the very least way more rational.


Putin did NOT invade Ukraine to overcome it.  Even when the US attacked Iraq, the very first thing you do is take out the ability, communications, after which the water provide. Putin has finished none of that has is doing what he stated, defending the Russians within the Donbas. Crimea was all the time Russian and it was allotted to Kyiv (Russian: Kiev) by Khruschev in 1954 as a result of (1) he grew up within the Donbas, and (2) he was answerable for Ukraine post-World Conflict II and rebuilt it. It was his residence.


The Jap area of Ukraine was traditionally all the time Russian. Ukraine was created by the USSR – it didn’t exist as a rustic earlier than. This concept put out by the Ukrainians that preserve making an attempt to color Putin as useless or simply put down a coup is all propaganda. Sure, he’s sick. However this nonsense that by some means replaces Putin and Ukraine wins is tempting far worse a destiny than anybody can think about. The following stage shall be far worse and our mannequin turns up sharply with civil unrest and struggle in 2023, however the worse is but to return post-2024.

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