Introducing: The Future of Note-Taking 🚀

SMARTYBOOK: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Rediscover Writing: Dive into the tactile pleasure of pen on paper, combined with the magic of digital technology. With Smartybook, you're not just writing; you're crafting experiences.

Watch How This Tiny Device Can Transform Your Printing Routine

It not just prints, but provides you with creative solutions that can help you express yourself better.

Grab This Revolutionary Notebook Now

🌍 Eco-Conscious Choice:

Break free from the clutter of disposable notebooks. Smartybook is your sustainable companion, designed to be reused time and again. Write, scan, erase, and start afresh. Mother Earth thanks you!

📲 Digital Mastery:

Our intuitive app breathes life into your handwritten notes, transforming them into digital masterpieces. Organize, share, and marvel at the convenience right at your fingertips.

🎨 Creativity Unleashed:

Whether it's a fleeting thought, a detailed sketch, or a groundbreaking idea, Smartybook is your canvas. Let your imagination run wild.

👩‍💻 For Everyone & Everywhere:

Students, professionals, artists, thinkers - Smartybook is your trusty sidekick, ready to capture brilliance whenever inspiration strikes.

Here Is What People Who Tested Our Portable Printer Have To Say


Smartybook has redefined my note-taking. It's the perfect blend of the old and the new.

Christine McVeigh


Every page of my Smartybook tells a story. It's my go-to for all things creative.

Paul Adam


Compact, stylish, and tech-savvy. Smartybook is every writer's dream.

John Smith

We Give You Our Word

We want you to love and flaunt your portable printer to everyone around. But if by any off chance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you a 100% refund on your purchase. So, shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Smartybook different from traditional notebooks?


Smartybook seamlessly blends the tactile experience of traditional writing with advanced digital capabilities. You can write, scan, and erase, making it reusable and eco-friendly. Plus, with our app, you can digitize your notes instantly.


How does the digitization process work?


Using the Smartybook app, simply scan the pages you've written on. The app will convert your handwritten notes into digital text, which you can then save, share, or organize as you wish.


How many times can I reuse the Smartybook?


The Smartybook is designed for long-term use. With proper care, you can erase and rewrite on its pages multiple times without any loss in quality.


How do I clean or erase the pages of my Smartybook?


Simply use a damp cloth or the eraser provided to wipe the pages clean. Ensure the pages are dry before writing on them again.

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