Introducing the Ultimate Mini Security Video Camera!

Secure Your Peace of Mind, Instantly!

Imagine a world where you can enjoy absolute peace of mind, knowing that your home, loved ones, and valuable possessions are safe and secure. That world is now a reality with our cutting-edge Mini Security Video Camera!

Home Safe Home - Your Family’s Watchful Companion!

Highlights the camera's constant vigilance, ensuring the safety of your family at home.

WiFi Remotely Monitoring

Check live streaming video from anywhere in the world once the camera is connected in Remote/IP mode.

Enhanced Visual and Security Features

No light night vision ensures clear images even in total darkness. Motion detection alarm push instantly alerts you of any movement. 1080P HD screen delivers crisp, high-definition images. 140-degree wide-angle lens captures a broad field of view.

Audio and Storage Flexibility

Built-in pickup allows for not only video but also clear audio recording without noise. Operate without WiFi by simply inserting a memory card for direct recording. Supports up to 128G memory for extensive storage.

Easy Installation and Usage

Installation without punching holes ensures a hassle-free setup. USB universal interface offers plug and play functionality, making it user-friendly and easy to operate. Continuous recording for up to 20 days ensures you don’t miss a moment.

What Our Customers Say


It's very easy to install and works really well. The quality of the image and sound is excellent.

Christine M*


A Great Camera with quality performance, easily powered through a USB connection.

Paul A*


Compact, efficient, and high-quality. Everything I wanted in a portable printer!

John S*

We Give You Our Word

We want you to love and flaunt your portable printer to everyone around. But if by any off chance you are not very happy and satisfied with the product, we promise to give you a 100% refund on your purchase. So, shop on without any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions


How easy is it to install the mini camera?


The camera is designed for hassle-free installation. No need to drill holes; just plug and play with a USB connection.


Does the camera support night vision?


Yes, the camera is equipped with no light night vision, ensuring clear images even in total darkness.


What is the quality of the image and sound?


The camera boasts a 1080P HD screen for crisp images and has a built-in pickup for clear audio recording.


How does the motion detection feature work?


The camera sends an instant alarm push notification whenever motion is detected, enhancing the security of your space.


Can the camera record without a WiFi connection?


Yes, the camera can record directly by simply inserting a memory card, making it versatile and convenient.Yes, the camera can record directly by simply inserting a memory card, making it versatile and convenient.


How much storage capacity does the camera support?


The camera can support up to 128G of memory, allowing for continuous recording up to 20 days.

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