Whistleblower Reveals FBI Labeled Veteran-Led Organization as Domestic Terrorist Group


A whistleblower revealed the FBI labeled a veteran-led group as a home terrorist group.

Rating member on the Home Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) in a letter to FBI Director Wray mentioned a whistleblower got here ahead and revealed a ‘woke’ analyst labeled American Contingency, a veteran-led group, a “home violent extremism” group.

The veteran-led group was already cleared by the FBI as a ‘non-threat’ in 2020, however the woke analyst determined to focus on the group once more.

Rep. Jordan’s letter referenced Venture Veritas’ latest report on the FBI’s ‘home terrorism symbols information’ on ‘militia violent extremists.’

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In accordance with the doc leaked to Project Veritas, here’s a partial record of ‘home terrorism symbols’:

  • Leaked doc is labelled as “Unclassified/Legislation Enforcement Delicate” that’s for “FBI Inner Use Solely.”
  • Below the “Symbols” class of the doc, “2A” is listed with the next rationalization: “MVEs justify their existence with the Second Modification, because of the point out of a ‘nicely regulated Militia,’ in addition to the suitable to bear arms.”
  • “Revolutionary Warfare imagery” such because the “Gadsden Flag” and the “Betsy Ross Flag” are cited within the doc below “Generally Referenced Historic Imagery or Quotes.”

“The whistleblower data means that the FBI opened an investigation into an American citizen – and deemed him a possible “risk” — just because he exercised his First Modification proper to talk out in protest of the federal government,” Jordan wrote of American Contingency founder Mike Glover.

“Even after the FBI decided in 2020 that American Contingency was not a risk, the FBI nonetheless labeled the group as a violent extremist group in an official FBI alert,” the Ohio Republican wrote.

Rep. Jordan requested Wray to offer all paperwork and communications referring or regarding the FBI’s Home Terrorism Symbols Information on Militia Violent Extremism and full reason the FBI didn’t embody and symbols, pictures or people about left-wing violent extremists’ group within the bureau’s information by September 28.

“Mike Glover is a veteran doing good work on the market, however some woke analyst on the FBI says, ‘We’re going to analyze this man,’” Jordan instructed Fox Information host Laura Ingraham Wednesday night time.

Extra from Rep. Jim Jordan on this growth:

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